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Wan Lin Chang ・ Luke M. Walker, Joint Exhibition 2020
Zasso 72 Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan










How can we ascertain the limits of a particular territory or idea? A line beyond which all is unknown or different from the place we currently inhabit? 

How often is this perimeter sharply defined; a cliff edge, a fence or a wall, where a mountain climbs from a plain? 

More often, the change is transitional. A zone where the changes are more subtle. The thinning out of trees to the rarified air and atmosphere of mountain summit, the shore line of a beach marked by the gentle swells of a tide. Or the scrappy edges of a city, made up of light industrial zones, suburbs or forgotten scrubland. 

When Chang and Walker talked of a second show together with Zasso they felt these were the territories they wanted to explore. To spend some time in these transitional places and how they might represent the particular qualities in pigment and ink. Hovering at the margins of representation, the works are an exploration of Edgeland as a place but also as a condition; that moment between thoughts, or lines of poetry and prose. The pause between two breaths. The silence between the stars. 

The artists are on a quest to discover the symbiotic spatial relationship between solid and air, (another potential Edgeland) and it is not only the features that make up a landscape but the spaces in between. 

The resulting marks aim to be more than representation, acting like a transcription of a language of marks and codes. With the intention of creating works that can be ‘read’ in different ways and give them additional depth, beneath the surface of the paper or canvas, and beyond the edges of the works themselves. 

Texts by Luke M. Walker

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