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Wan Lin Chang ・ Luke M. Walker, Joint Exhibition 2020

Zasso 72 Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

In Italo Calvino’s seminal text ‘Invisible Cities’ his character Marco Polo describes a myriad of places through series of categories; signs, memories, desires and demonstrates how a sense of place can be interpreted.


‘Those that through the years and the changes continue to give their form to desires, and those in which desires either erase the city or are erased by it.’ (IT -Thin Cities 2 p30)

In this Exhibition Chang and Walker will explore the idea of the city, the half-remembered corners, the chance meetings, the hidden notes. They are interested in the shared experiences, dreams and forgotten stories that make a city what it is.


A shared understanding of what it means to live together, with hundreds, thousands or even millions of others.


The artists both have a background in Spatial Design and share a love for the city, travelling across the world on visits to particular places they have read and dreamed about. A search for meaning and understanding through sketching, painting and exploring has been a key driver to their practices. They hope through this show to question the boundaries between memory and experience to create new interpretations and to give a unique insight into a city through the eyes of artists.


‘Your cities don’t exist. Perhaps they have never existed. It is sure they will never exist again. Why do you amuse yourself with consolatory fables’ (IT- Cities & Signs 5 p51)

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